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AscorbicLiq DCal

AscorbicLiq-D.calĀ® contains high amounts of vitamin D3 with beneficial effects on calcium metabolism, gut integrity and maintenance of the aquired immunity.

We've added large amounts of Vitamin C to our formula to not only protect the vitamin D3 from breakdown, but also to stimulate vitamin D3 conversion to its most active form: calcitriol. Vit C plays and important role as a cofactor in the enzymatic conversion of calcifediol to the active calcitriol in the kidneys.


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Packaging Options

  • The product comes contained in a Bottle. One unit contains 1.00 litres. Each box contains 12 units.

  • The product comes contained in a Jerrycan. One unit contains 5.00 litres. Each box contains 4 units.

AscorbicLiq DCal supplement container